Resumes:   Pretty is not good enough.  We help you tell a better story.

Get noticed in a highly competitive market!

Helping  job seekers improve their sales and marketing skills. Let’s face it…you might be “the best product” on the market.  However the best product does not always win.  If this was true, products would not need sales or marketing folks.

If people don’t “buy” your message, it is ugly. We can teach you to improve it with basic sales and marketing techniques.   Having a pretty resume is not enough to compete in today’s market.

Free Services

  • Free advice:     A quick chat about your resume, networking, job search, or career change.
  • Public Speaking and Workshops

Services with Fees

  • Resumes:    Review, Edit, or Create
  • Interviews:   Practice and Planning
  • Selling 101:   How to get in the door and show your value
  • Job Seeker Coaching:   Increase effectiveness and outsmart the competition
  • Career Planning:   Discover your Plan B and Competitive Edge

Money Back Guarantee Policy

Contact Info

Cathy Howard
Email cathyhowarddallas@gmail.com
Phone 214-803-3882

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