Monthly Archives: April 2010

Is your baby ugly? Listen to their opinions

What are people NOT telling you?  Honest feedback will help you land a job faster.  Most people are like kids (and customers).  You can get them to say what you want to hear.  It really depends on how you ask. 

1) Make them feel comfortable.  Tell them you will not get defensive or be offended.

2) Encourage them to say anything.  Ask for at least one comment.

3) Hold your breath.  Once they give feedback, let them say more.  Do not try to defend or disagree.

4) Clarify their comments.  Understand what they are really saying.

5) Thank them.  Respect their opinion. Make them feel the info was useful to you. 

Who to ask?  Your competition, recruiters, and employed people in your desired job role.  Consider people who wear the wrong attire, have ineffective resumes, or constantly target jobs where they cannot compete.  We would love to tell them something if they were open to listen.