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Interviews Gone Bad – True Story

Compiled from my friend’s recent Facebook post:

As a young nurse manager, I remembered interviewing a young man for a medical aid position. True story.

Responding to Interview Request:
I noticed someone new in hospital department’s work area. As the manager, I was responsible for everyone working that day.

Hello I am the manager who hired you? He said, “You hired me.”
What do you mean? I did not hire you. He replied, “My mom told me I had a job and go straight to work.”

Let’s go to my office and figure out who sent you to my department. After getting his name and seeing his resume on my desk, I realized I left him a voicemail to request an interview. I said, “Since you are here trying to work, let’s do an interview.”

Have you ever had conflicts with coworkers? He slouched down in his chair and said “Well, you know, they all be getting in my face” (including hand gestures).

What did you like about your last job? “Oh I don’t really like it.”

Tell me about your past responsibilities. “Medical aid stuff.”

Let me rephrase the question. Tell me what you did? “You know. Aid stuff.”

Well thank you for your time today. We will call you if we have something for you. (Poor thing flunked the interview.)

Closing comments:
His response: “Do I at least get paid for my day of work today?”

I am back: Resumes Resumes and Resumes

Have you ever searched the word “resume” on   I thought I would recheck the competition.  Wow.  What a bunch of meaningless stuff (at least the videos I viewed).  Nothing was new.  The focus was on the format and not the message.   Anyone can use a template or create a pretty resume, but many highly qualified people still do not get a call for an interview.  I plan to focus on competitive strategies and better story telling for resumes.