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Top 5 Trends: How does it impact the unemployed?

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1) Growth of Franchise Businesses:   While some have benefited, countless smart people have seen little or no return on their franchise investment.   Get opinions from other people in the industry.  Your franchise contact might provide a list of successful owners, but you will need to call people not on their list.   If they are always pressuring you or state how much money you will make, please be careful.  

2) More Internet Scams:  Avoid entering birthdays, drivers license, or social security number into online databases which may or may not lead to a job.  Job postings may say it is required because it is a “government job.”  Just use some common sense.  Also do not commit to pay fees in order to get a job such as some “Work from Home, Get Rich Program.”

3) Undesirable Employers Fill Positions: I have met several people who got hired and fired within 3 months because the company did not have a business plan, cash flow, or ethics.  Some left a job on their own after 1 -2 months and lost unemployment benefits.  Eager to get a job, applicants neglected to talk to former employees and customers to avoid walking into an abusive or unproductive work environment.  

4) Companies Hire Less over 50:   With a large pool of applicants, it is easy to find younger candidates unless the job requires unique skills.  Yes there are plenty of people who have not updated their skills, but I still meet talented people who don’t even get an interview.   One friend over 50 got interviews, but he often heard, “You sounded much younger on the phone.”    

Reason?  This is still being debated by many.   Are some companies looking to reduce healthcare fees with low percentage of older workers?  Unfortunately, many good-hearted people still tend to hire people most similar to themselves.  Although laws protect, age discrimination is not on the radar of most politicians these days.  The older population ends up consulting, retiring early, or targeting companies who value a diverse age population due to products sold or culture.

5) Increase in “Career Consulting”:  Looking for the quick fix, many bright people are paying large fees for things they can get for free.  Many job seekers still do not take advantage of free resources in their community, such as resume review workshops, job search workshops, and professional networking events. 

With Linkedin and other social media, it is much easier to get help and connect with people (including hiring managers).   Career Services Groups can still be valuable, but you should be select them wisely and investigate local and online resources before paying for additional needs.