Monthly Archives: January 2012

Find a job for the New Year! What makes it hard for friends to help you?


Poll your friends and contacts.  Find out why they have trouble assisting with your job search.

  • Messaging:  Can they explain what you do?   Consider the people, the process, the tools, business value, challenges, and results to help them tell a better story. 
  • Unique Value:  Do they know your special skills that employers find valuable?  Spend time with your competition and confirm what you offer that they cannot. Remind your friends about these hard-to-find skills and the business value. 
  • Consistency: Do they know your elevators pitch?  Make it catchy and simple enough for them to recall it later.   Avoid frequently changing it or using multiple variations.
  • Application:  Can they easily determine if a job is a potential fit?  If not in the industry or familiar with your role, others need help understanding your role in layman’s terms.   For example, they know to look for “SAP” on a job posting, but they don’t know how it ties to your role.   They do not need to be technical to know there is a difference between a SAP software programmer and classroom trainer.
  • Motivation:  How often do they talk to others about your search? If you have not received a job lead recently, reconnect with people through all networking events, email, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  Rather than a generic email with a resume, send personalized updates on your progress, challenges, and needs.   Make sure they know how they can help you specifically.  For example, ask them to introduce you to healthcare professionals or Sales Manager friends for networking. Survey:   Can your friends and contacts explain your job role to others?