Monthly Archives: March 2012

Thank You Letters: Email vs Hand-Written Debate

Today there are more ways to communicate with people after an interview. Years ago, candidates were expected to send a written Thank You note. Today email is an option, but some still feel it is not acceptable. Before you make a decision, you must follow a basic sales rule, “Know Your Audience.”

What do you know about the audience expectations- individual, company, or industry? Take time to consider how they prefer to communicate. When in doubt, ask someone such as the recruiter or receptionist. They might know if their mail room causes delays or the office staff rarely checks their office mail boxes. If the hiring manager travels frequently, email might be the best option.

Both written notes and emails should still be formal in nature. Avoid using slag, sentence fragments, and spelling errors. If you get their business card, it is an easy way to confirm the recipient’s email address, mailing address or name spelling. Ask how soon they will be making a decision because it may impact when you need to deliver the note.

Always set clear goals when writing the note. What do you need to say and when should they receive it? How will this note help them make a decision? Will it help confirm your excellent writing skills for the Marketing Job? In most cases, you will simply need to remind them about your unique qualifications.

Think about what all the other candidates would say. You need to select your words and statements carefully. Don’t look like everyone else. Show your unique skills too.