Service Fees

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money (see policy statements).

Unemployed:   There are many free services available in your community and online.  However if you have tried everything, we can provide some guidance and discounts for some services.  


A quick chat about your resume, career challenges, job search strategies, or networking needs.  Services such as public speaking and career services workshops are often free, especially for nonprofit groups.  Travel outside the Dallas (DFW metro) area may require additional fees. 


Resume Consult $50

After a quick chat, you may decide to have a formal discussion about the resume.  This could be a 1-2 hour discussion.   Ideally we should meet in person.  The initial consulting fee can be applied to the additional services.  

Requested:  Completed a questionnaire or a working resume

  • Gain feedback for employer value and ability to compete.
  • Discuss achievements and ways to showcase business value.
  • Define the resume story:  Emphasize select skill areas while still supporting past job history.
  • Review format considerations based on current standards and recruiter technology.
  • Learn how to get more responses from  online career search sites and LinkedIn.

Redesign Resume $150

In addition to the Resume Consult, this package includes up to three interview sessions to discuss plans and edits.   Edits will be done by the client. 

Required:  Completed a questionnaire and a draft 2-page resume

  • Receive Resume Consult.
  • Gain a sample resume template to use.
  • Receive feedback on your edits and final copy.
  • Cover letter feedback is also available upon request.

Create Resume $300

For those requiring full services, resume creation services are available.   The $300 fee covers time to build a 2-page resume and up to 5 interview meetings.   Client may be required to assist with minor edits. Final documents will be in Microsoft Word format.

***Competitive Edge Resume:   While others only make it pretty, our resume will more likely get you in the door for interviews.

Required:  Completed a questionnaire and resume builder form.   Please provide any previous or existing resumes if available.

  • Receive Resume Consult
  • Gain a 2-page Competitive Edge Resume
  • Gain a 1-page cover letter

Additional Services

Please contact to discuss.

Get Started Today:   Next Steps

Feel free to send me your resume today for a quick look.   Please be sure to let me how to contact you and best times to call.   If you are interested in other services big or small, please contact me.  I can be reached by email  Thanks!

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