Cathy McCreedy Howard, CPLP
Founder, We Buy Ugly Resumes or  214-803-3882

Sales and Marketing Advantage: I am skilled at helping job seekers tell a better story to win jobs.  Working several years with technical product managers as a sales strategist, I learned to interview people to help improve their live presentations and printed materials to show the business value and competitive advantage.  It is all about selecting the right data to showcase.

Past Job Seeker:   If you need career services, look for someone who has “been there.”   Like many, I found myself between jobs in a tough economy.  Many career service groups do not understand how the job search has changed.  Today’s technology (resume scanners, filter databases, employer phone systems, etc), social media, and new recruiting tactics require the job seeker to constantly adjust their strategy (and resume).   I have had success quickly getting in the door and outsmarting the competition.

Passion for Networking:  I enjoy connecting people to others and meeting new people. I frequently attend networking events and use social media, especially

Learning and Development:  As a CPLP, Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, I understand that everyone learns and addresses a task differently for their job search.

Collaboration and Design:   Over the last 10 years, I have collaborated with Sales, Product Marketing, and Business Operations to improve sales effectiveness.  The secret of a great resume is the collaboration between two people for the best strategy for “selling you”.

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