How this got started

It seems that everyone is starting a blog or writing a book.  All offer job seekers some guidance.  I am sure others (your parents/ kids/ spouse) have also given you plenty.

While job hunting in Dallas, I had the chance to meet 100s of job seekers.  Many had little or no sales background.  Those without “sales skills” struggled to get interviews, offers, or even returned calls from potential hiring managers.  As a sales training professional, I started giving out advise and people were open to listen.

When consulting others, it was not all about resume.  However resumes could indicate additional areas that needed improvement.  My first coaching session helped a long-time job seeker land a job in one month.  The next session with a friend helped him greatly increase the responses to his resume.  I became instantly hooked.

When you are unemployed, you are selling your services.  Most people would rather bungee jump of the San Francisco bridge, than try to sell themselves.  Do you hang up the phone when someone tells you “no”?  Can you get the interview when everyone else applied?

We can help you learn how to effectively sell yourself in a very competitive market.   Even if you have never sold Girl Scout Cookies, you will find simple things that anyone can do (which many do not).

Thanks for reading.

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