Sample Resumes and Additional References Upon Request

“Cathy was my coach in this tough job market. She has great consultative skills and strong knowledge of how to coach someone, asking the right questions and providing guidance to get me going in the right direction.  She was really good at helping me retool my resume to market myself.  She is an experienced professional and I would recommend her to anyone.”   Barbara Boyden Walters, CPLP 

“Cathy and I first met at a networking event and then I attended a workshop she facilitated. I leveraged her training and coaching expertise for my career search. I would not have achieved the level of success I did without her. She has an exceptionally friendly and professional personality with a very determined focus on understanding your requirements and how our networks could be leveraged to get results. I’ve never met anyone who knows how to network more effectively. She utilized her relationships on my behalf more than once. She provided feedback, advice, and training. I highly recommend Cathy and thank her for her ongoing support.” H.William Gordon

“Cathy has a gift for assisting people ‘in transition’ in terms of helping them clarify their goals,objectives, skills and capabilities. She is proficient in teaching them how to best use a variety of ‘systems’ to gain visibilty and attract recruiters to a candidate. In fact, I’d say that her forte’ is in assisting people by re-postioning their strengths to better meet the needs of the hiring manager. She is also excellent at writing and better positioning people via their resumes. Cathy has been a speaker at numerous events focused on assisting people ‘in transition’.” Bethell-Anne Osborne, MBA

“Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative”
“Cathy is knowledgeable, resourceful and committed to helping others. Working with her on my resume was a very positive experience and encouraged me to think with a much broader view. She introduced me to network groups as well as a few personal introductions which were very beneficial. Cathy is a pleasure and she cares about people. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.” Judy Harbin

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